Introducing the Decide 🤝 MBS Integration

3 min readAug 15, 2023

As a credit infrastructure provider, it is our job to pay attention to market best practices, the market preference, and the most effective way for credit providers to achieve their top goal — approve applications without defaults.

With this in mind, we are excited to share that we have integrated mybankStatement (MBS) into the Decide platform to ensure seamless fetching and analysis of bank statements in a single process.

One of the many ways this integration stands out is that it goes a step further to provide a customisable widget that MBS users can embed on the web/app for fetching bank statements and automatically analysing them.

About mybankStatement

mybankStatement’s service allows merchants to retrieve a customer’s bank statement from any of the commercial banks they are integrated with.

As result of mybankStatement’s direct integration with 19 commercial banks, it is widely used by a significant number of credit providers. This integration gives credit providers the confidence that they can rely on their service in areas that matter to them such as data security and compliance.

The Why

In enabling merchants automate their decisioning, there’s a need to eliminate any manual, repetitive tasks that stunt their growth/slow down their progress. Fetching bank statements first, then uploading the downloaded format on the Decide platform is one such tedious tasks.

Our integration with mybankStatement aims to break this siloed process.

Although, this is also currently possible with our Mono integration, we want every merchant to be able to experience this in more ways than one. Consequently, they get the benefit of choice and enjoy the value of a seamless decisioning process.

Additional drivers for this integration are:

  1. Discovering that 28% of merchants on our loan management platform — Originate, use MBS as one of their preferred services for fetching bank statements
  2. Prospective Decide merchants already use MBS to fetch bank statements.
  3. A significant number of industry leaders in the credit space use MBS in their decisioning process.

What this means for merchants

This integration will be valuable to both current and prospective MBS.

For Existing MBS Users:

  • Seamless process of fetching MBS bank statements via our customisable Spool widget.
  • Speed up the process of fetching and analysing statements by doing it in a single process
  • Over 200% cheaper as analysis via direct MBS<>Decide integration cost N100 flat fee (no more charges per number of PDF pages).

For Prospective MBS Users:

  • Discounted offer to set up an MBS account through Indicina.
  • Eliminate the risk of fake or forged bank statements when you use MBS.
  • No security risk when fetching statements via MBS.
  • Over 200% cheaper analysis using MBS integration (when compared to PDF analysis).

How it works

We’ve designed this process to be an integral part of every credit decisioning process. Using our customisable Spool widget, MBS users can fetch and analyse a bank statement in a single instance.

Snippet of the MBS integration from the customer’s view




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