🚨 New Feature: Automated Bank Statement Analysis

We’re excited to let you know that Originate is now integrated to , our stand-alone Automated Bank Statement Analysis engine.

Using Machine Learning, will automatically analyze any type of bank statement — MBS, Okra, PDF (coming soon), Mono (coming soon) — and output over that give you 360-degree insight into the applicant’s income, transaction patterns, and spending behavior.

The information available from include:

  • e.g. Salary Earner (Yes/No), Average Salary, Expected Salary Day.
  • e.g. Gambling Rate (% of inflow), Account Sweep (Yes/No), Loan to Inflow Rate.
  • e.g. Average Recurring Expense, Expense Categories, Spend on ATM/Web/USSD/POS, etc.
  • e.g. Total Credit Turnover, Total Debit Turnover, Net Average Monthly Earnings.
  • e.g. Top 3 recurring expenses, Highest Month and Week of Credit, Highest Month and Week of Debit.

Each Decide Bank Statement Analysis costs but to get you started, we’re giving 20 free bank statement analysis.

Reach out to Sales@Indicina.co to get started

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