🚨 New Feature: Automated Bank Statement Analysis

We’re excited to let you know that Originate is now integrated to Decide, our stand-alone Automated Bank Statement Analysis engine.

Using Machine Learning, Decide will automatically analyze any type of bank statement — MBS, Okra, PDF (coming soon), Mono (coming soon) — and output over 50 variables that give you 360-degree insight into the applicant’s income, transaction patterns, and spending behavior.

The information available from Decide include:

  • Income Analysis e.g. Salary Earner (Yes/No), Average Salary, Expected Salary Day.
  • Behavioural Analysis e.g. Gambling Rate (% of inflow), Account Sweep (Yes/No), Loan to Inflow Rate.
  • Spend Analysis e.g. Average Recurring Expense, Expense Categories, Spend on ATM/Web/USSD/POS, etc.
  • Cash Flow Analysis e.g. Total Credit Turnover, Total Debit Turnover, Net Average Monthly Earnings.
  • Transaction Pattern Analysis e.g. Top 3 recurring expenses, Highest Month and Week of Credit, Highest Month and Week of Debit.

Each Decide Bank Statement Analysis costs ₦150 but to get you started, we’re giving 20 free bank statement analysis.

Reach out to Sales@Indicina.co to get started

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