New: OTP Delivery to DND Numbers Activated in Originate

2 min readJul 14, 2022

To protect subscribers from unsolicited messages, the NCC (Nigerian Communication Commission) put a DND service in place. DND which simply means Do-Not-Disturb gives subscribers the freedom to choose what messages they want to receive from various networks.

This service which is activated by users at no cost, has posed a challenge for many lenders as often, they experience situations where SMS OTPs do not deliver because the messages fall into the DND category.

Originate our proprietary product, focused on helping lenders automate their entire lending process from the point of loan requests to collections previously did not have this DND bypass service enabled as it wasn’t possible with Twilio.

However, with our latest migration from the Twilio service to Termii, our merchants are now guaranteed a successful delivery of SMS OTPs to DND numbers.

Termii is a product that uses messaging channels to help businesses verify, authenticate and engage their customers easily.

Here’s why we chose Termii

As a business focused on ensuring the success of our merchants, we chose Termii for three main reasons:

  1. To ensure the issues our merchants faced with SMS OTPs not delivering when a customer has DND turned on is resolved.
  2. They are locally based, and as such, have relevant integrations with telcos in Nigeria including the NCC.
  3. To save our customers the time spent reaching out with support requests concerning OTPs not delivering.

We remain committed to ensuring that our customers enjoy success through all the stages of the lending process as they use Originate.

Happy lending! 🎉




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