💫 Product Update: Originate

We’re excited to let you know that we have launched two new updates on Originate: . 🚀

With this feature, an offer is automatically sent to your customers after loan approval and the customer will automatically sign the offer in their customer dashboard.

We have now integrated the CRC Micro report that gives you deeper insight into the credit history of an applicant, including information such as Total Number of Credit Facilities, Number of Days in Delinquency, Total Outstanding on Loans, Total Overdue on Loans, etc.

No more manual process — copy, paste, download and send. The Offer Letter is automatically sent to the customer after the final approval on the approval workflow and the customer will sign the offer via OTP.

To get started with any of these features, simply reach out to us via support@indicina.co and your Account Manager will reach out to you for activation.



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